Hydraulic Deep Draw Forming

Here at E.H. Schwab, we have two 200-ton hydraulic presses, and one 80-ton hyrdraulic deep draw press.

These presses are able to form a straight walled part in a single forming operation. The presses are considered “deep draw” because they can form more than a few inches. They also have the ability to form a can, then form that can inside out, which allows for further stretching of the material. All of our presses are equipped with sophisticated metal-forming technology to precisely adjust pressures, speed, and other elements.

Deep draw forming via one of our multiple hydraulic presses is often used in tandem with spun components for multi-piece assemblies. Also, lower-volume spun part tooling can often be transferred to draw forming with minimal tool adjustments, as our equipment does not require a traditional die set.

When making the decision of whether to spin or draw, the following needs to be taken into consideration: tool cost, volume, shape, surface finish requirements, and material thickness (thicker material requires more tonnage). Our experts here at E.H. Schwab will be happy to guide you through the process that most perfectly fits the vision for your project.

Short video of the deep draw hydraulic press forming a metal part.

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