E. H. Schwab has decades of experience producing high-quality, internal components for the High Voltage industry. Utilizing the full array of our available manufacturing technologies including fiber laser cutting, hydraulic deep-draw forming, CNC (and in some instances manual) spinning, fabrication, and welding, E.H. Schwab has developed customer-oriented processes to consistently produce parts that meet or exceed dimensional and cleanliness requirements.


Our Fiber Laser, CNC spinning and Hydraulic deep draw forming technologies help to serve the transportation industry where a variety of shapes and sizes are formed in various steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum alloys. Formed escutcheons, end caps, filter housings, drain funnels, venturis, and laser cut copper bus bars or mounting brackets are common items. Contact E.H. Schwab today to learn about additional ways in which we can.

Architectural & Lighting

Custom architectural and lighting projects are opportunities to stretch our imagination and skills with more creative finished goods. These parts often require the full expanse of our manufacturing capabilities including fiber laser cutting, manual or CNC metal spinning, PEM inserts, stud welding, MIG or TIG welding, and fabrication. Paint, powder-coat or anodized finishes are coordinated with trusted local vendors who offer E.H. Schwab fast turn-around without sacrificing quality.

Signage & Wall Art

In addition to increasing our production throughput for formed metal parts, our fiber laser technology allows us to cut ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic materials including sterling silver efficiently into stylized, custom pieces of signage and artwork. The high quality of the cut requires virtually no deburring for most materials. Mounting PEMS or other fastening devices can be included to offer a complete finished product. For low volume, prototype, or custom pieces, STP files can be downloaded directly via our Intelligent Manufacturing service which offers real-time quoting and order processing directly from a customer-uploaded STP file.

Technology & Medical

Rapid advances in emerging technologies and medical equipment often require increasingly sophisticated metal parts. Industrial strength wireless access components formed from stainless steel or aluminum, close-tolerance lasercut components for front-line medical equipment, or formed and fabricated stainless steel components for the emerging medical marijuana industry are just a few examples of how our current capabilities contribute to the advancement of these industries.