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E.H. Schwab delivers World Class Quality and Service via cutting edge technology and best practices

Founded in 1929, E.H. Schwab has become experts in the custom metal fabrication industry.

Each metal is unique in its characteristics which impacts part geometry, tooling design and price. Understanding these nuances is critical to manufacturing a consistently high-quality, cost-competitive finished product.

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The E.H. Schwab Customer Experience

The steps for the business can vary but generally follow this process:

Step 1

Customer Submits Drawing and Request for quote (RFQ). From sophisticated CAD files to pencil sketches, the process starts with our customer’s need for a formed sheet-metal part.

Step 2

Following receipt and initial review, E.H. Schwab will reach out to discuss particulars of the part and gain a deeper understanding of the larger context or industry in which the part is used. At this stage, E.H. Schwab often makes suggestions as to methods of manufacturing, alternative designs to reduce cost, most efficient order quantities, etc.

Step 3

Following the discussion, a firm quotation is provided where any one-time tooling costs are broken out separately.

Step 4

If accepted, the customer submits a PO and order is processed. While lead times can vary average production lead time is between 4-6 weeks for most items.

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Our Passion for Excellence is only outmatched by our desire to be a comprehensive resource to our customers.

World Class Quality and Service

We value close working relationships with our customers and always look for ways to increase the value of our products and services. Significant annual investments are made in equipment and employees to ensure we continue to deliver World Class Quality and Service via cutting edge technology and best practices.

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